Irish photographer Mark A. Ivory captures the beauty of nature and people in his equine, wildlife, landscape and portrait photography. Discover the House of Ivory collection through this curated portfolio and enjoy a limited edition print available for purchase through the online store.




Scenes on stage.
Performance Photography


Photography began for me at a very young age, “borrowing” my mothers Kodak instamatic camera to take photos of sunsets from our front door. I have taken photos ever since and I am never without a camera close to hand.

I have used such a variety of cameras, Kodak, Hanimex, Yashica, Olympus, Canon, Minolta, Pentax over all those years and finally settled on Nikon in the 90’s. What have I learned from photography – besides the technicalities? I started with film – No preview, No guarantees, except knowledge of the art of photography.

I have learned to look at everything and everybody and see the beauty that not everybody sees. I have learned to “see” pictures where they may not be obvious. I have learned to look around, take stock of my surroundings and appreciate what I see.